Checklist for Helping Your Parents Sell Their Home to Move to a Senior Community

Is your parent ready to move to a vibrant community for older adults? Are you looking for ways to support them in the process? Moving requires a lot of work, especially if your parents have been living in the same home for years. However, with a checklist in place, you can ensure that you’re helping your loved ones not only with the moving process, but so that they can start the next exciting chapter in their lives.

1.  Be Supportive and Communicate

Moving is an exciting time, but it also can be bittersweet. Perhaps your parents are selling the family home. Lots of memories have been made along the way and it can be hard to ultimately sell and move on. Having a conversation about moving with your parents is key. You can support each other through the process by talking about the wonderful times you had but also the great experiences that are yet to come when moving to their new community, such as meeting new friends and engaging in new activities. Remind your parents that living in a senior community comes with lots of conveniences. They will no longer have to worry about things like maintenance, upkeep, and the hassle of yard work. Rather, they can spend time enjoying volunteering, gardening, day trips, and good times with friends.

2.  Organize and Tidy Up

Your parents most likely have collected many items over the years. Offer to help your parents declutter and organize their belongings to determine what needs to be sold and what special items they may want to keep. You can help them go through their home room by room to easily tackle this process. Once they have determined what is no longer needed, you can help your parents sell items, or even donate them to a local charity. With the clutter out of the way, you can give the home a deep clean. Once a home is clean and tidied up, the home’s best features can shine through. When everything is neat, it is much easier to stage the home and help potential buyers envision themselves in the space.

3.  Spruce Up the Home

Once the home is tidied up, it is easy to determine what needs to be done to better position the home to sell. Your parents can sit down with you to determine what is worth sprucing up and investing in. Sometimes simple changes such as a fresh coat of paint and new flooring can bring new life to a space. Your parents may also be able to save money by looking into a home warranty to be able to replace broken and worn out appliances. Having updated systems makes a home more appealing to buyers and can give your parents a better chance of selling their home and standing out from the competition.

4.  Consult Professionals

When your parents feel that the home is ready to sell, it is important to make sure your parents are working with professionals to help them with logistics throughout the process. Ensure they choose an experienced realtor and real estate lawyer to help guide them through the process with important documentation. Also, ensure there is open and transparent communication with the manager of their senior community to help them choose the right apartment, get them familiar with the amenities at the community, and ultimately get settled and feel ready to go.

Helping your parents transition to a senior lifestyle community does not have to be overwhelming. With patience, understanding, and a helping hand, the process can go smoothly and be enjoyable. Ensure you have laid out the proper steps, talked to your parents, and with your checklist in place your parents can move forward with confidence.