Resident Testimonials

Eaton’s community is filled with so many extraordinary residents. It is a wonderful place to live and residents of Eaton will be the first to tell you how much they love it!

Check out these amazing testimonials about the programs in our community:

“As an over eleven year resident, I am sure there are residents who have lived here longer. As an (almost) 79 year old, I am sure there are people older than I living here. However, I am NOT sure anyone living here is more dedicated to Eaton Senior Communities than I. This is a wonderful place to live with loving staff dedicated to our success in ageing well. There are so many great programs to choose from here; so many things to do. My life experience would not be nearly as rich as it is if I were any place else but here.” -Linette

“Eaton has made a tremendous difference in my life.  From the very beginning of my stay at Eaton, I was made to feel welcome.  The other residents were all so warm, friendly and helpful.  The atmosphere here at Eaton always made me feel safe and comfortable like an old, warm and fuzzy blanket…Eaton means being able to live independently longer since we all help one another here.  Pretty much everything I need or want can be found here at Eaton — a way to get to the stores on our bus; books to read from either our own library or the bookmobile which stops in our parking lot; a manicure, pedicure, hair cut, perm or color at our own beauty salon; good conversations and cuisine in our dining room; physical therapy, occupational therapy, and all sorts of gym equipment for our use 24-7–all located in the Eaton Community.  From Broncos games on the big-screen TV to rooting for the Rockies at the baseball stadium to weekly outside musical concerts at Belmar Plaza to weekly nature trips to Belmar Park on our Tri-shaws piloted by volunteers from “Cycling Without Age” to season tickets of the Lakewood Symphony Orchestra at the Lake Cultural Center, everyone’s tastes seem to be very well satisfied.  My life at another apartment complex would be just that — an apartment complex with me stuck in the apartment without transportation or friends or the many activities that I have here at Eaton.  Eaton keeps me “young at heart and in my soul”.  The best part of living at Eaton is all the new friends I have made here in this warm, safe and comfortable environment.” -Lynn

Even during the pandemic, Eaton has strived to ensure that residents had access to the amazing on-site services and programs:

“I am very impressed with Eaton’s approach to keeping us safe on our campus. We have learned how to use virtual tools to continue access to physical and non-physical activites that we had before COVID-19 – as well as having access through these tools to stay in touch with Eaton’s administrators. The approach used to deliver our lunches is amazing and works well. Reminding us daily to stay covered with our masks, washing our hands and using sanitizer is greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Eaton.” -Kari

“When the Virus was announced EATON immediately took action. As it became clear as to how it was transmitted, EATON stepped up the process…I feel that EATON went above and beyond! I felt cared for and safe within these walls.” -Dawn