Is a “Service-Rich Community” the Right Place For Me or a Loved One?

Is a “Service-Rich Community” the Right Place For Me or a Loved One? Everyone’s reasons for choosing to join our community are different, but here are some of the most common:

    1. You want peace of mind with a built-in support network. Whether moving to be closer to family or downsizing in retirement, Eaton’s unique model offers a built-in support network of friendly and knowledgeable staff who can connect you to resources to help you live your best life. 
    2. You want to participate in activities without driving all over town. Living at Eaton gives you access to so many programs and activities.  From educational classes to fun happy hours to wellness providers, we bring it on-site to you. You will no longer have to hop in the car to participate in all these activities. No more driving in the snow to get to the recreation center for your workout. 
    3. You want to say goodbye to yard work, home maintenance, and shoveling snow! Eaton has a phenomenal maintenance crew that ensures the building and grounds are clean, well-kept, and beautiful. When you live at Eaton, the staff cares for your home maintenance.
    4. You may want to “take a load off” by getting help with cooking and cleaning. You have worked hard your whole life; now it is time to reap the benefits! When you move to Eaton, you can choose to do the things that matter to you – rather than expend your energy on household chores.

Eaton Senior Communities is more than an affordable housing community; it is a service-rich and supportive housing community. However, as an apartment community, Eaton does not provide help with personal care. Rent goes toward housing, utilities, and maintenance.

Residents who need extra help with daily tasks can use privately hired home health aides. Outside providers assist with bathing, dressing, and managing medication and other daily tasks. Residents requiring increased monitoring can use privately-hired medical alert systems like fall detection pendants.

Eaton Senior Communities does not provide direct care, 24/7 monitoring, wellness checks, or emergency response. You can learn more about the various levels of care in senior living on our blog.