Technology Upgrades!

Eaton is passionate about supporting residents in accessing and utilizing technology. As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, Eaton has invested in upgrading the programs and technology infrastructure to ensure that residents can remain connected. 

iPad Program – Since 2015, Eaton’s unique iPad program provides microloans for residents to purchase iPads. Eaton purchases the iPads in bulk for a reduced rate and then residents make low, monthly payments for the iPad. 

PCs for People – Eaton has partnered with PCs for People to help provide free or low-cost laptops and desktops for residents. Through electronic reuse, PCs for People provides the opportunity for all low-income individuals and nonprofits to benefit from the life changing impact of computers.

Wi-Fi Upgrade – Eaton has offered free wi-fi to the community since the summer of 2014. This month, Eaton has upgraded its internet service from Ethernet to Fiber which should create a faster, more reliable connection. 

Touchtown – Touchtown is a community technology that can help create connection through an Eaton customized TV station, community apps and more. Stay tuned for the launch of this at Eaton in late fall 2020.

One-on-One Training & Troubleshooting – Eaton’s Life Enrichment Director and interns have been providing one-on-one education and training to get residents set up with Zoom, Facebook and any other technology needs. 

As we navigate the on-going pandemic and a virtual world, we are committed to making technology as inclusive and accessible as possible for Eaton residents.