The True Value of Independent Living

Living at The Summit provides support so you can live the lifestyle you want. At The Summit, we also offer on-site activities and services to support you in living your best life possible. As of January 2020, the rents range from $1000-$1450 per unit, per month. When you live alone, the cost of housing, maintenance and home repairs add up quickly. The Summit provides a great value for people looking to live independently without the worries (and expenses) that come with living in a stand-alone home.

Monthly Cost of Owning Your Own Home (based on the median home value in Denver):

    • Mortgage: $2,175 
    • Taxes: $195 
    • Maintenance and Repairs: $403 
    • Homeowner’s Insurance: $100
    • Utilities: $145


  • Total: $3,018 per month.


Monthly Cost of Living at The Summit:

    • Rent & Utilities: $1,000-$1,400


  • Total: $1,000-$1,1450 per month. 

Furthermore, when living in a stand-alone home, you do not have easy access to on-site services, amenities and activities. When you move into your home at Eaton, you have easy access to so many opportunities. From our curated library to restaurant-style dining to great neighbors, you can find the things you want right on campus. You can let go of the stresses of home-ownership and enjoy focusing on the things that matter to you. While The Summit provides a great value for residents, Eaton has spared no expense to ensure a beautiful building, friendly staff and more.  Visit us today to see how you can live the lifestyle you want.