Aging Well

There is a David Bowie quote: “Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.”

Statistically, older adults find life more rewarding than younger adults. Aging can be an experience focused on wellness and living life according to your own values.

According to an article from the CDC, what does aging well mean?

 The concept of aging well, which is based on a nonmedical approach to promoting health and well-being, is fundamental to increasing length and quality of life. Aging well promotes personal behaviors and life-course environments that limit functional declines, especially those caused by chronic conditions, to help older adults maintain their independence and health. Aging well emphasizes the idea that people can maintain satisfying and healthy lives as they age by exercising the choices that optimize healthy, active, and secure lives. Aging well is a dynamic, interactive process that creates long-term, positive change by involving individuals in the physical, social, economic, historical, and cultural contexts of their environments (Hawkins, 2005).

How does Eaton support aging well?

  • Wellness Program: Eaton partners with a variety of wellness providers to ensure each resident has support to maintain the highest levels of function and independence including podiatry, dermatology, exercise classes, massage, physical therapy, and much more!
  • Service Coordination: Service Coordinators connect residents and families with community and support services that empower residents to remain independent.
  • Dining Program: The dining program offers restaurant-style dining in a communal dining room. This program can meet most dietary requirements and provides an opportunity for residents to socialize with neighbors and friends.
  • Life Enrichment: The Life Enrichment Program at Eaton Senior Communities offers a full calendar of educational and social events. These include art classes, gardening, happy hour, museum trips, and more.
  • Mission & Ministry: The mission and ministry department gives encouragement, respect, and nurturing for the meaningful faith tradition that has sustained each resident throughout his or her life.

Visit our community today to see how you can live well!


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