Pet Blog

Caring For a Pet

As we age, we can feel sometimes feel lonely. But, a home is never lonely if you have a pet as your friend!  That being said, as we age, it is vital to consider the types of pets that best suit our lifestyle. Pets are a big commitment and require plenty of attention. All your hard work caring for them pays off with unconditional love. We are a pet-friendly community here at Eaton, and below are some tips on pet rules and pet care.

Things to consider when getting a pet:

  • Are there physical limitations to consider? Can you get out to walk your dog or bend over to scoop a litter box?
  • What sort of temperament and energy level do you want? Some pets require a lot more physical activity and attention than others. For example, cats can be left for longer durations while dogs need to be let outside to potty.
  • Are finances a concern? Dogs, cats, and birds can be costly due to food, medication, and grooming.

At Eaton, there are multiple resources to help you care for your pet:

  • Fenced-In Dog Run: Eaton offers an off-leash dog park area for your dog to exercise and run around.
  • Golden Animal Hospital Vet Services: Eaton has a veterinarian who provides clinics for low-come vet care for Eaton’s furry residents.
  • Mobile Groomer: Eaton has a groomer who comes on-site and can make your dog look so fresh and so clean.
  • Yellow Dog Project: The Yellow Dog Project, a non-profit organization, educates the public on safely greeting unfamiliar dogs to reduce harmful interactions. Many dog owners choose to label their dogs who need a little extra space in public by tying yellow ribbons to the dogs’ leashes or collars. A dog with a yellow ribbon on his leash may need additional space when out and about for a variety of reasons including health issues, rehabilitation or training.

As a reminder, here are some of the guidelines for pets at Eaton Senior Communities:

  • One pet per apartment
  • Dogs must be two years or older, house-broken and trained
  • Pets must be spayed or neutered
  • No pet may weigh more than thirty pounds
  • Pets must have up-to-date vaccinations
  • Dogs that bark excessively are not allowed
  • A pet that growls, snaps, or snarls may not be allowed to move in or remain in an apartment
  • There is a one-time pet deposit of $300
  • Pets are not allowed in common areas
  • Pets must be carried or leashed when outside the apartment