Why would you consider moving to a senior living community?

Why would you consider moving to a senior living community – especially during a global pandemic?

1.) Built-in support network: Although residents at Eaton are not participating in face-to-face social events, residents are still staying connected to their neighbors. Whether it is a friendly phone call or a wave across the hall when they both open their doors, Eaton residents know that they are all in this together. We are so grateful to have such a robust community life at Eaton. 

2.) No yard-work or home-maintenance: Eaton has a phenomenal maintenance crew. No more worrying about having to go out to a crowded Home Depot to get a furnace filter and crawling into the basement to change it! When you live at Eaton, the staff is there to make sure your home maintenance is taken care of. 

3.) We cook for you!: Eaton’s dining program provides nutritious and delicious meals. During the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, Eaton’s staff have been providing room service meals to all residents. We are happy to delivery ready-to-eat meals to you in the comfort of your own home. 

4.) Access to resources and services: Even during a global pandemic, Eaton’s Resident Services Coordinators and Wellness Director are available to answer your questions and assist you with resources and referrals. Eaton’s on-site physical therapy provider, Legacy Healthcare Services, is still open for clients needing assistance with strengthening or pain management. Even when the world feels upside-down, Eaton’s staff is there to support you in your quest for wellness! 

5.) Emergency preparedness: Eaton is known nationally for their emergency preparedness processes and planning. Furthermore, Eaton’s management team has strong relationships with local emergency operations and healthcare personnel. There is also a resident-lead Emergency Preparedness Committee. No matter what is thrown our way, Eaton empowers residents to be prepared for a variety of emergency situations.  

Here at Eaton, we know that housing is a necessity and not a luxury. We are grateful that we are still able to provide quality, affordable housing for older adults during this time. Contact us today for more information at (303) 937-3000.