Meet Eaton’s Resident Service Coordinator

Eaton is lucky to have an amazing Service Coordinator on staff.  Prithika has been with Eaton for almost a year and has done a fabulous job in her role.  Here is a description of what she does in her own words:

As the Resident Services Coordinator, I work to connect residents and their families with supportive services in the community. My goal is to empower residents to remain self-sufficient and to live in an apartment community for as long as possible.

Above all else, as a Resident Services Coordinator I am also your advocate.

I strive to ensure adequate, timely and cost-effective provision of services.

I will work in tandem with you to assess your needs and refer you to appropriate services.

I can assist with applying for Medicaid, applying for SNAP/Food Stamps, scheduling transportation for medical appointments and refer you to mental health and financial support services, among other things.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can assist you, please give me a call at 303-937-3018.”

Service Coordinators are key players in providing supportive services in low-income housing. 

According to the American Association of Service Coordinators:

“In terms of cost savings, a comparison of the national average monthly cost of nursing home care versus keeping a low income, frail elderly person in their own apartment with access to benefits, supports, and services at a property with a service coordinator reveals some startling data..

Keeping a frail elderly person independent in his/her own subsidized apartment with supportive services and public benefits can reduce spending of taxpayer dollars to approximately 64% less than the monthly average cost of nursing home care. This figure is based on the average SNAP (food stamp) benefit for seniors of $194/month; Homemaker/Home Health Aide services at an average of 40 hours/month; 70% of the national average of HUD’s 2016 fair market rent for a one-bedroom apartment; and, the average monthly cost of a service coordinator based on the AASC 2016 Service Coordinator Salary Survey.”