Highlighting ESC’s Wellness Partners: Nate Mohler, Acupuncturist, Taijiquan Instructor

According to the president of the American Holistic Health Association, Suzan Walker, MBA, “Holistic Health is an approach to life…the ancient approach to health considers the whole person and how he/she interacts with his or her environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body and spirit.” Nate Mohler, ESC’s Tai Chi instructor and acupuncturist, epitomizes this connection as he strives to help our residents find that balance in their lives.

In 2001, Nate was introduced to Taijiquan, or Tai Chi, which is actually a martial art. Here in the western hemisphere, it is known and taught mostly as a health exercise. Prior to that, he studied karate for ten years and his sensei taught him some “healing tricks”; mostly stretching and massage techniques. In 2003, Nate graduated as an acupuncturist, which was an extension of his interest in eastern philosophy and practices such as martial arts, Zen philosophy and Taoist philosophy. After graduation, Nate opened an acupuncture practice and has been purposeful in instructing Tai Chi and Karate as part of his life.

A relocation from Florida to Colorado in 2011 brought Nate to ESC as a Tai Chi instructor. He hosts onsite classes twice a week for ESC Wellness Program members. Nate has a dedicated group of residents who attend his classes, several of whom attribute their better balance and strength to Tai Chi. This low impact exercise has a calming effect, which is great for reducing stress.

Once ESC staff discovered that Nate is also an acupuncturist, he was encouraged to introduce the practice to ESC’s residents. It was slow to catch on, so after another round of resident education and strong support from ESC’s Wellness Director, group acupuncture has become a regular event on the life enrichment calendar. Reported benefits of acupuncture include vast improvements in neuropathy of the feet, relief of pain from fibromyalgia and relief from various other aches and pains. Both staff and residents participate in Nate’s group acupuncture events.

In addition to his ESC clients, Nate teaches acupuncture at two colleges and visits clients in their homes, as well as recently returning to school himself. According to Nate, “I have really enjoyed developing friendships with the residents at ESC over the last few years. I very much enjoy my time at ESC; so much so that I actively schedule my other endeavors around the days that I am there, due to the fact that the other people I see there, both residents and employees, are so pleasant to be around and full of smiles. The residents that participate regularly in Tai Chi and in acupuncture are so friendly and easy to be around.”