Highlighting ESC’s Wellness Partners: HealthSET

Offering a variety of health and wellness activities onsite at ESC is important in order to support residents in “aging well”. In addition to the weekly wellness clinics hosted by ESC’s wellness nurse, our community partners at HealthSET have been providing a health promotion clinic on-site since February 2013 to further support aging in place.

HealthSET is part of Centura Health’s Community Health Improvement department and was founded in 1988 to provide free health promotion clinics for the poor and underserved in Denver. Each month, HealthSET volunteers and staff nurses offer free, essential, life-saving health screenings for low-income older adults who reside in rent-subsidized apartment buildings throughout metro Denver. Services include conducting wellness assessments, monitoring health problems, providing counseling, educating residents about nutrition and other good health practices, and providing referrals to other area health care resources.

HealthSET reconnects residents to their primary care providers and/or other necessary services that will keep them living independently with confidence to manage their own health. Between clinics, the Health Promotion clinic staff accompanies residents to medical appointments, assists residents with medication management, and helps residents with financial aid applications for medical needs. The Health Promotion Clinics not only help residents to stay well, but also assist residents in preventing diseases from escalating to the point where they will no longer be able to live independently. ESC resident Eloise Olsen, 89, states “HealthSET has provided education to me, such as falls and diabetes. It is very helpful information and the exchange of ideas with other members has been beneficial.” Resident Mary Roll, 98, states “I attend HealthSET regularly and have learned about healthy things to do for more energy. They take my blood pressure, weigh me, and give me educational information.”

Each year, HealthSET’s reach continues to grow as they connect more seniors to accessible and affordable healthcare and other crucial resources to keep them living independently and age with dignity. According to Sarah Schoeder, ESC’s Wellness Director, “HealthSET provides our residents with options for health counseling and has been instrumental in identifying medical needs in our community that, without this contact, likely would have gone unnoticed. Residents are encouraged to participate when they are ‘well’ to establish a relationship with the team so that in the event of health change, they can better problem-solve needs. They are a wonderful support in not only finding resources, but also in assisting the resident in all steps of the process to ensure the need is met.”