Aging with Purpose

“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

When people think about aging well, they automatically think of diet and exercise. But, what about mental well-being? And, more specifically, a sense of purpose?

According to Harvard, “[older adults] who reported having a purpose in life, such as having goals for the future, performed better on tests of grip strength and walking speed—two measures of declining physical ability and risk factors for disability—than those who said they didn’t have a purpose in life.” 

Time Magazine also writes “[older adults] can increase their sense of purpose in life by cultivating hobbies and relationships, helping others, and practicing mindfulness.”

Eaton is passionate about supporting residents in leading a life filled with purpose.  In fact, Eaton recently conducted a survey with residents to discover what brings them purpose and how we can better support individuals in finding their purpose. 

There are a plethora of opportunities at Eaton to help residents develop purpose in their lives including:

  • Life Enrichment Program: Whether you are seeing education or entertainment, the life enrichment program provides opportunities to enhance your well-being through organized activities and events.
  • Wellness Program: For many, fitness and exercise are important hobbies. At Eaton, we also have opportunities for yoga as well as massage to promote mindfulness.
  • Mission & Ministry Program: For some, spirituality or religion is an avenue to leading a life with purpose. The Mission & Ministry program provides opportunities for people of all faiths to connect with the community as well as volunteer.
  • Wellness Coaching and Intergenerational Exchange: Eaton partners with a variety of schools to offer internships. One particularly successful program has been Eaton’s  Wellness Coaching program. Eaton residents can work with a student wellness coach for free. They work together for a semester towards a resident-directed goal around any area of wellness. This could include goals related to volunteerism, hobbies, physical fitness, connecting with family, meditation, eating habits, or more!