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Eaton Senior Communities owns and operates two communities – The Residences and The Summit. The Residences opened in 1980 and is an income-restricted building. At The Residences, rent is determined based on income and there is a mandatory meal program. The Summit opened in 2019 and is aimed at serving the middle-market. Both communities offer robust on-site services and amenities.

The Summit

To meet the requirements for tenancy at The Summit, an individual must be an elderly person or family, defined as a household where the head or spouse is age 62 or older; and must provide verifiable identification sufficient to adequately screen the applicant for credit, criminal, and rental history and to confirm the applicant is not on the terrorist list. A refundable fee of $200 is required to hold an apartment.

The Summit tenant selection plan and wait list procedure

The Residences

In addition to the requirements for The Summit, the local HUD income limits apply to The Residences and applicants must meet specific income restrictions to be eligible for housing. No fee is required to hold an apartment.

FY 2021 Income Limits:  Income cannot exceed Low (80%) Income Limit:  $55,950 (single), $63,950 (couple)

The Residences tenant selection plan and waitlist procedure

Community & Apartment Selection

To which community would you like to apply? The Summit (no income restriction)The Residences (must meet income requirements)
Need for Accessible Unit? YesNo

Applicant Info

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Personal References

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Family Members

List those who are immediately available to be of support and who will respond in emergencies.

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Sources of Income ($ monthly)

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Personal property not included above

Applicant Questionnaire

Are you aware that The Summit is a smoke-free community, which means that The Summit does not allow smoking or use of tobacco products of any kind by residents, visitors, and employees anywhere inside the building, including resident apartments other than special designated areas? YesNo
Have you ever been evicted or involuntarily removed from any housing or residential situation? YesNo
If yes, please explain
Have you been convicted of a crime, other than a traffic violation, within the last 5 years? YesNo
If yes, please explain
Do you have a pet? YesNo
Do you have a car? YesNo
Are you or any members of your household subject of a lifetime registration requirement under any state sex offender registration program? YesNo
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