Sustainability at Eaton Senior Communities

Entrance-to-the-ResidencesEaton Senior Communities was recognized by the City of Lakewood in April 2013 with a “City of Lakewood Community Sustainability Award.” Beginning with a resident-led recycling effort in 2008, “going green” was the guiding force behind ESC’s long list of energy-and water-saving improvements that culminated in this award.

Eaton Senior Communities was a charter member of Lakewood’s first Sustainability Circle in 2011. This group provided education and links for circle members to increase energy savings and sustainable practices.

Highlights include a 2010 weatherization grant from the U. S. Department of Energy that replaced the boilers, apartment refrigerators and common-area lighting with energy-efficient equipment. ESC took advantage of Denver Water’s Irrigation Efficiency Program in 2011 to renovate the landscaping and irrigation system, resulting in a nearly 50% savings of irrigation water.

Landscaping---south-of-DR-doorsKeep Eaton Green

Eaton’s Green Team is made up of resident volunteers who continue to educate new residents about recycling and monitor all recycling efforts. The long list of “green” improvements is still being updated as residents and staff identify more ways to increase comfort while saving energy. Eaton Senior Communities is doing its part to promote a sustainable environment.