Eaton’s Assisted Living Community will be Transformed

Sometimes business decisions are difficult for us to make because of the effect they have on the people we care about.  We have provided a quality supportive and caring environment for our assisted living residents since the building opened in 1988 as one of the first assisted living communities in Colorado.  At that time, our goal was to serve primarily low- to moderate-income senior residents, with 20% of those residents being supported through the Medicaid program. 

Over the years that percentage has grown dramatically.  We consistently serve 60% or more residents who rely on Medicaid for support.  Unfortunately, this support does not fully cover the cost of providing high-quality care.  While we have supplemented the gap in funding through fundraising and other efficiencies in operations, we have reached the point where this is no longer financially sustainable.  After a great deal of consideration, we have made the emotionally difficult decision to close Assisted Living at Eaton Senior Communities and we understand the significant impact of this decision on the people we serve.

Closing is targeted for July 1, 2018.  We are taking a number of steps to assist residents in making the transition to another community as smooth as possible.  Eaton staff is offering individual support to each resident and their family members.  We are also providing lists of other local communities that will meet their needs along with recommended referral agencies.  Our same quality care and services will be provided until all assisted living residents have transitioned out of the community.

Later this year, the assisted living building will undergo renovation and reopen to serve low- to moderate-income independent living residents.  Like current residents of The Residences at Eaton Senior Communities, these residents will have access to the wide variety of services that are provided on-site through our partnerships with licensed/certified health care providers as well as holistic health offerings and activities, enabling many to age in place.  We will continue to be guided by our mission to provide affordable housing in a service-rich environment that enables all to live to their fullest potential

As the AL Conversion project is undertaken, Eaton Senior Communities Foundation will continue to focus its fundraising efforts on the following areas:

  • Resident Assistance Fund, helping residents with emergency situations.
  • Health and Wellness Program, including subsidies for Holistic Health Care Providers and stipends for all student interns at Eaton.
  • Support for on-site research of Eaton’s housing plus services model.
  • Mission and Ministry Program, subsidizing this program’s expansion of resident engagement through increased educational offerings and service projects.
  • Special Community Projects, focusing on Sustainability and the Environment such as Cycling Without Age, Gardening, Recycling, etc.
  • Capital projects/purchases, when identified, such as the new bus recently purchased with endowment funds.

Eaton Senior Communities Foundation’s grant-writing efforts will continue to seek subsidies for Eaton’s large array of programs and supportive services that serve the current residents of The Residences at ESC and will serve the future residents of Eaton’s new community. 

We thank you for your past support and hope you will continue to join us in our mission. 

David Smart

Executive Director of Eaton Senior Communities Foundation

President/CEO of Eaton Senior Communities


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